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Our Mission

Scheller Financial Group’s goal is to help our clients obtain their financial goals. We will know and understand our clients prior to making recommendations. We will use a clear and understandable approach when dealing with our clients. We believe our success is possible only if we place our clients’ needs before our own, and by treating our clients fairly, openly, honestly, and with integrity

Richard Scheller


Dick has been involved in the insurance and financial planning fields for over 30 years.  He founded Scheller Insurance in 1977 and SchellerFinancial Group in 1994. He's helped hundreds of people manage and protect the investments they have worked so hard to accumulate as well as helping people with insurance suitable to their needs.  Mr. Scheller is an instructor with the Financial Educators Network. Planning Today for Your Tomorrow is an important philosophy behind his thinking.  He is expanding the company through new and unique marketing of specialty products that require a national sales force.  His practice primarily focuses on individual, family, small business and union member planning.  Mr. Scheller has insurance licenses and the following securities registrations.

Series 7 – General Securities
Series 63- Blue Sky
Series 65- Investment Advisor Registration
Series 24- General Securities Principal
Life, Health, and Annuity Insurance Licenses


Catherine (Katie) Hendrick

Assistant to Richard Scheller

Katie graduated from Virginia Tech in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Business.  After that she worked in the IRA departments at Wachovia Securities (now Wells Fargo Advisors) and Capital One Bank.  When the IRA department at Capital One Bank moved to Delaware, Katie decided to join Scheller Financial Group as an assistant to Richard Scheller, who happens to be her father.  In addition to assisting Richard, Katie plans to become a licensed representative.   She has been married for 11 years and has two wonderful children.  In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling and going to the movies.  




  • Variable Annuities
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Variable Universal Life
  • UITs (Unit Investment Trusts)
  • Stocks
  • Fixed/Equity Indexed Annuities (F/EIAs)


Scheller Financial Group is proud to offer both Variable and Fixed Indexed Annuities. 

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Life Insurance

Scheller Financial Group offers various life insurance protection options, including Term, Whole, Indexed, Universal and Variable offerings.

SFG offers one-stop life insurance solutions with a broad portfolio of carriers and products.   We offer a focused, supported approach to provide a secure future for our agents and their clients.

Quality of Life…Insurance will change the way you think about, purchase and use life insurance.  It offers you the flexibility to receive benefits during your lifetime and the potential to build cash value to provide money during retirement or for other needs.

Term Life Insurance…Term life insurance is affordable coverage that only lasts for a certain period of time.

Universal Life Insurance…With universal life, you can design a Life Insurance policy to fit your changing needs and lifestyle. You may choose a level or an increasing death benefit and universal life provides attractive cash accumulation. The cash accumulation value grows tax-deferred at competitive interest rates, which is accessible by loan and surrender.

Whole Life Insurance…Whole life insurance protects you for your whole life. Whole life can be a solid foundation upon which to build a long-term financial plan because it provides lifetime protection for your family or business.

Advanced Life Concepts

A. Wealth Transfer

1. Annuity Arbitrage - The Annuity Arbitrage strategy enables older clients to redeploy under performing assets, increase discretionary income, and pass additional assets to heirs free of estate taxes. The client purchases a single premium immediate annuity, uses the payments to supply income for life, and fund premiums for a life insurance policy. Annuity Arbitrage is a straightforward concept that allows you to solve both income and estate issues at once.     

The Annuity Maximization strategy may allow your clients to leverage existing deferred annuity assets not needed for retirement income into a life insurance policy held outside of their taxable estate. This simple technique can help clients maximize their wealth transfer goals while utilizing existing assets that might otherwise be exposed to both estate and income taxes.

B. Business Planning

1. Key Person - These may be the owners of the business, or it may be an employee with critical technical ability, unique client and sales skills, or a specialized practice.  If such a person were to die, the business might suffer:

  • Disruptions in management
  • Delayed product launches
  • Loss of earnings and customers
  • Credit issues

Following an unexpected death, a Key Person protection program offers a death benefit to help keep the business afloat.

C. Buy / Sell Arrangements - For most closely-held business owners, their business represents a significant portion of their personal assets and provides the income upon which their personal/family lifestyle is dependent. With proper planning, the business may continue to provide these benefits even in the event of death, disability or retirement of an owner.

A buy/sell arrangement is an agreement for the disposition of a business interest upon the occurrence of a “triggering event” (death, disability, retirement or withdrawal), whereby an owner (or owner’s estate) agrees to sell his or her business interest for a predetermined price.

Business Continuation

Business Continuation agreements are distinguished by who is obligated to purchase the departing owner’s business interest (i.e. the business, the other owners, a non-owner). A properly designed plan can:

  • Assure continuity of management
  • Create a “guaranteed market” for business interest
  • Provide financial security for the owner and his or her family

Family Succession

Family Succession plans are designed with the goal of keeping the business within the family while providing an income stream to the departing owner. A properly designed plan can:

  • Provide smooth transition of ownership of business to active children
  • Ensure that inactive children can share in the future appreciation of the business Provide financial security for spouse
  • Provide financial security for spouse

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